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Colors of the Diaspora DVD

VAI 4540 (DVD)

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NTSC Color
Running time 198 minutes
Subtitles in English

Regina Resnik presents

Colors of the Diaspora

Colors of the Diaspora is composed of three concerts of Jewish classical song, all narrated by the legendary Regina Resnik. Ms. Resnik and her son Michael Philip Davis delved into the far corners of history and discovered a rich treasury of Jewish composers both celebrated and unknown. Seven years in the making, the concerts encompass 900 years of music, from the 12th century to the present, including five world premieres, seven American premieres and ten works never before recorded.

Various artists

Recorded 2011

Colors of the Diaspora : Three concerts of Jewish classical song

The first program, entitled The American Jewish Composers, celebrates 350 years of Jewish American history, and features the world premiere of “A Petition to the Governor”, by John Corigliano and Willliam M. Hoffman, written especially for Regina Resnik Presents.

The second program, Covert or Convert, honors Jewish composers who wrote on Jewish themes in secret, or were conflicted about their religious identity. Included are works by victims of the Holocaust, as well as rarely heard works by Anton Rubinstein and Otto Klemperer.

The final concert, Crossing All Boundaries, illustrates the breadth of the Jewish experience as expressed by non-Jewish composers such as Ravel, Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka, Schubert and Massenet. A highlight of the program is the New York premiere of “Letter to Warsaw” by Thomas Pasatieri, set to texts of the Holocaust poet Pola Braun.

Ms. Resnik refers to the series as a “Jewish musical document for posterity.” Mr. Davis adds, “This is a voyage of Jewish discovery that has finally come to fruition.”

Ms. Resnik’s colleagues on the DVD are: Roslyn Jhunever Barak, Katherine Whyte and Darynn Zimmer, sopranos; Audrey Babcock, mezzo-soprano; Michael Philip Davis and Alex Richardson, tenors; Charles Robert Stephens, baritone; Vlad Iftinca and Milos Repicks, piano; Annaliesa Place, violin; and David Leisner, guitar.

Edward Cardona, President of VAI, calls Regina Resnik Presents Colors of the Diaspora "a major achievement. It is a scholarly yet thoroughly accessible presentation of great and unusual music, featuring stunning visuals and powerful history -- all made accessible through the perceptive and eloquent narration of Regina Resnik."


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