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At Mainly Opera we are proud to be suppliers of some of world's most interesting operatic and classical CD and DVD labels.

Preiser Records

The flagship historical label from Vienna. Preiser CDs boast superb transfers of collectible recordings by great artists.


Ward Marston - one of the world's leading figures in restoration of historical recordings, presents fascinating recordings under his own label.


A great German record label. Orfeo offers a stunning selection of live performances from the Salzburg Festival and Bavarian State Opera, alongside a delectable list of digital classical recordings.


Dynamic, from Italy, does more than most modern-day record companies in presenting both live and studio recordings of opera, plus a fine selection of other classical recordings.

Myto Records

A leading label for historical live opera issues. Myto enjoys a reputation for first-class transfers of truly great performances.


The Italian Urania label has a strong catalogue of historical opera, orchestral and instrumental recordings. Urania recordings are remastered to exacting standards, and are good value for money.


This historical label presents mainly live recordings, remastered to very high standards, and at really attractive prices.


An excellent German historical label offering mainly live opera performances, with a focus on legendary Wagner recordings. Excellent remastering and nice prices.

Walhall Eternity

The Walhall Eternity label presents a rapidly growing catalogue of great historic opera performances, at a bargain price.

Living Stage

The Living Stage label offers a great selection of historic live recordings, at attractive prices.


This great label from Italy offers a fabulous catalogue of both modern and historic recordings. A delight for collectors!

Hardy Classic

Fast becoming sought-after for its catalogue of legendary opera performances on DVD, Hardy Classic also offers an excellent selection of live opera performances on CD.


For over 10 years Romophone has been a leading CD label presenting the great voices of the past. Complete editions, excellent transfers and great presentations are features of this British label.

Fono Enterprise

There is no better historical label than Fono Enterprise for remastering and presentation. Fono CDs sound great, and come with booklets packed with background information and rare photos, and all at medium-price.


This Russian label presents a superb historic series of opera recordings made in the USSR, with artists like Kozlovsky, Lemeshev, Reizen, Petrov, etc.

Featured Release - Jorge Bolet - Connoisseur Selection

Cuban pianist Jorge Bolet (1914-1990) was singled out by Arthur Rubinstein in 1938, aged 24. He went on to become one of greats, as demonstrated by this 6Cd box set. The set includes many rarities, and showcases Bolet at his spontaneous best.

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