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De Lucia 1902-1909

MR 54004 (4cd)

Fernando De Lucia (1860-1925)

Complete Gramophone Company Recordings 1902-1909

Operatic arias and duets, songs. Plus selected Phonotype recordings 1917-1922

Fernando De Lucia, tenor

Recorded 1902-1922

Fernando De Lucia (1860 - 1925) is one of the most well-known tenors on early records. His recording career spanned 18 years and yielded some 300 sides. Although De Lucia portrayed a number of important verismo roles, his vocal technique was solidly grounded in the pre-verismo style. Therefore today, De Lucia is viewed as one of the most important links to the graceful and ornamental style of singing prior to verismo. His early recordings, which appear in this compilation, many of which are rare and highly sought-after, present a broad range of roles both bel canto and verismo. Although other historic labels have documented De Lucia\'s recordings, this release will provide new insight into De Lucia\'s recorded legacy by transcribing his records at play back speeds that Ward Marston is convinced are correct, yet remain controversial. The set will conclude with an ample selection of De Lucia\'s later recordings for the Phonotype label, which reflect his important operatic roles that were not represented on his Gramophone Company discs.


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