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In Their Own Voices

MR 52028 (2cd)

In Their Own Voices

Recordings from the US presidential elections of 1908 and 1912

Scholars routinely observe that the advent of radio reshaped political speech from the impassioned pleas bellowed to thousands, to conversations among intimates in the quiet of the living room. But for more than a decade before the first commercial radio broadcast station was inagurated in Pittsburgh in 1920, citizens in their living rooms, drawing rooms and parlors had been listening to candidate speeches. This feat was made possible by the phonograph.

Lincoln, Nebraska, July 21, 1908 - Recorded by the Victor Talking Machine Company
1. Imperialism 3:47
2. Popular Election Of Senators 4:07
3. The Tariff Question 4:03
4. Guaranty Of Bank Deposits 3:54
5. The Labor Question 3:50
6. The Railroad Question 3:11
7. The Trust Question 3:55
8. Publication Of Campaign Contributions 3:45
Lincoln, Nebraska, May, 1908 - Recorded on cylinder by the Edison Company
9. Swollen Fortunes 2:12
New York, New York, September 14, 1908 - Recorded by the Columbia Phonograph Company
10. Mr. Taft\'s Borrowed Plumes 3:55

Hot Springs, Virginia, August 5, 1908 - Recorded by the Victor Talking Machine Company
11. The Republican Party Stands By Mr. Roosevelt 3:13
12. Our Army And Navy 2:37
13. Postal Savings Banks 3:34
14. The Rise And Progress Of The Negro 1:52
15. Democratic Policy Prevents Restoration Of Prosperity 3:17
16. Labor And Its Rights 3:03
17. The Farmer And The Republican Party 2:17
18. Irish Humor 3:21
19. The Effect Of Proposed Jury Trial In Contempt Cases 2:25
20. Our Foreign Dependencies 2:46
21. Foreign Missions 3:15
22. What Constitutes An Unlawful Trust 3:19
23. Functions Of The Next Administration 3:56
Hot Springs, Virginia, August 27, 1908 - Recorded by the Columbia Phonograph Company
24. Republican Responsibility And Performance; Democratic Responsibility And Failure 3:34

New York, September 24, 1912 - Recorded by the Victor Talking Machine Company
1. Woodrow Wilson On The Third Party 2:54
2. Woodrow Wilson On The Trusts 3:45
3. Woodrow Wilson To The Farmers 3:54
4. Democratic Principles 4:03
5. Woodrow Wilson On Labor 3:43
6. Woodrow Wilson On The Tariff 3:48

Oyster Bay, New York, c. August, 1912 - Recorded on cylinder by the Edison Company
7. The Progressive Covenant With The People 3:30
8. The Right Of The People To Rule 4:20
9. The Farmer And The Business Man 4:28
10. Social And Industrial Justice 3:56
Emporia, Kansas, September 22, 1912 - Recorded by the Victor Talking Machine Company
11. The Liberty Of The People 3:44
12. Mr. Roosevelt Pays His Respects To Penrose And Archbold 3:34
13. The "Abyssinian Treatment" Of Standard Oil 3:29
14. Why The Trusts And Bosses Oppose The Progressive Party 3:56
15. The Farmer And The Business Man 4:27

Beverly, Massachusetts, October 1, 1912 - Recorded by the Victor Talking Machine Company
16. President Taft On Prosperity 2:07
17. Peace 2:33
18. President Taft On A Protective Tariff 2:30
19. Who Are The People? 3:21
20. The Anti-Trust Law 3:18
21. President Taft Discusses Labor And Capital 2:56
22. Popular Unrest 2:31


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