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Edison Trial Cylinders

MR 52025 (2cd)

The Edison Trials

Voice audition cylinders of 1912-1913

In the field of record collecting, there are fantasies of finding an incredible cache of material tucked away in a barn or warehouse. Rarely do these dreams come true, and if a treasure trove is found, time or the elements have turned hopes to heartache. But in the case of several hundred cylinders in the Edison National Historic Site, high expectations yielded a gold mine.

In 1912 Thomas A. Edison conducted a European talent search designed to recruit vocal artists for his record company. Over three hundred cylinders of some of Europe\'s greatest singers were recorded and sent back to the United States for Edison\'s personal review. Each two-minute cylinder contains musical snippets (arpeggios, portions of arias, or, in a few cases, songs) designed to give Edison some idea of the voice. In 1913 Edison rejected every last cylinder, sealed each in a metal canister and relegated history to storage.

Before the canisters were opened in 1999, Thomas Edison was the last person to hear these 1912-1913 cylinders. Producer Lawrence Holdridge selected approximately 80 examples for this 2CD set. They represent not only some of the only recorded of certain European singers active during this period, but are arguably the most vivid of any acoustic recordings.

This 2CD set features over 75 singers, including Leon Beyle, Berthe Cesar, Giullaume Ibos, Antoinette Laute-Brun and Olga Olghina.

A MUST for all collectors of historical singers!


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