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Firebirds of Paris

MR 51008

The Firebirds of Paris

French and Belgian singers in Russian Music

Russian Opera Arias and Songs, sung in French

Various artists

Recorded 1927-1949

In 1907, Sergei Diaghilev changed the musical landscape of Europe by introducing Russian music to Paris. Diaghilev’s Cinq Concerts Historique Russes (Five Historic Russian Concerts) was a remarkable cultural experience that left Paris hungering for Russian arts. He introduced Paris to Mussorgsky, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Balakirev, Scriabin, and Rachmaninoff. As with many newly-introduced art forms, the French wanted to make Russian music their own. In a relatively short time, many of the greatest French-language singers were performing Russian repertoire in French.

Firebirds of Paris is a single CD devoted to these artists such as Vanni-Marcoux, André D’Arkor, Ninon Vallin, and Georges Thill. The set also includes many rare recordings of some lesser-known, though accomplished artists. The concept of Firebirds in Paris was first presented as a program for the Vocal Record Collectors’ Society in 1999 by Lewis Morris Hall, the producer of this compilation.

Track list:

Vanni-Marcoux - Mon Coeur Est Triste [Coronation Scene] [Boris Godunov/Moussorgsky] 8 June 1934
Huberty, Albert - Sous Les Murs De Kazan [Chanson De Varlaam] [Boris Godunov/Moussorgsky] 1929
Bordon, Fred - J\'ai Le Pouvoir Supreme [Boris Godunov/Moussorgsky] 15 May 1930
Pernet, Andre - Scene Du Carillon [Boris Godunov/Moussorgsky] 23 Oct 1930
Aquistapace, Jean - Laissez-Nous Seuls ... Sortez, Boyard [Les Adieux Et La Mort De Boris] [Boris Godunov/Moussorgsky] 1929
Mertens, Livine - Romance De Pauline [La Dame De Pique/Tchaikovsky] 6 May 1930
D\'Arkor, Andre - Lentement Baisse Le Jour [Recitatif Et Cavatine De Vladimir] [Le Prince Igor/Borodin] 20 Nov 1930
Nougaro, Pierre - Helas, Mon Ame Est Triste ... Tendre Epouse [Le Prince Igor/Borodin] 11 Oct 1930
Friant, Charles - Air De Levko [Nuit De Mai/Rimsky-Korsakov] 24 April 1928 Odeon (Xxp6656) 171.027
Ninon Vallin - Le Nuage A Dit Un Jour Au Tonnerre [Chanson De Lel] [Snegurochka/Rimsky-Korsakov] 24 Oct 1927
Thill, Georges - Les Diamants Chez Nous Sont Innombrales [Chant Hindou] [Sadko/Rimsky-Korsakov] 9 Oct 1930
Norena, Eide - Salut A Toi, Soleil [Hymne Au Soleil] [Le Coq d\'Or/Rimsky-Korsakov] 8 Dec 1930
Audiger, Francois - Les Haleurs De La Volga [Song Of The Volga Boatmen] Doyen, 1932
Jouatte, Georges - Chanson De La Puce [Song Of The Flea] Moussorgsky, 1 Dec 1930
Ninon Vallin - Chanson Georgienne [Balakirev, 15 Dec 1931]
Soix, Charles - Extase, Op. 34, No. 9 [Rubinstein, 28 May 1946]
Souzay, Gerard - Ah! Qui Brula D\'amour [None But The Lonely Heart] Tchaikovsky, 10 Aug 1948
Doria, Renee - La Rose Et Le Rossignol, Op. 2, No. 2 [The Rose And The Nightingale] Rimsky-Korsakov, 3 Oct 1949
Cernay, Germaine - Les Lilas, Op. 21, No. 5 [Lilacs] Rachmaninoff, 3 Oct 1949
Boons, Claudine - O Mon Champ Bien-Aime, Op. 4, No. 5 [Harvest Of Sorrow] Rachmaninoff, 1929


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