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Busoni: Piano Concerto

MA 1163

Ferruccio Busoni

Piano Concerto Op.39

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra with Men’s Chorus op. 39 (Kindermann 247)

Gunnar Johansen, Piano
Men’s Choir of the NDR
NDR Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt

Recorded January 1956

Dissatisfied with the traditional concerto form, Busoni created a monumental work lasting 68 minutes which is symphonic in scale and intent, requiring of the pianist virtuosity and stamina of the highest order, yet also a sensitive, even intimate, collaboration with the orchestra. In this this well-proportioned performance by Egon Petri’s foremost pupil Gunnar Johansen, that above all respects Busoni’s large-scale architecture, listeners will hear both the transcendental virtuosity and the poetic sensitivity called for by the score.


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