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Aksel Schiotz Complete Edition

DACO 45160 (11cd)

Aksel Schiøtz

Complete Recordings 1933-1946

Eleven-disc collection of the complete recordings of the legendary Danish tenor. The set contains 270 recordings, on 11 compact discs, with a 336-page booklet containing full texts and translations. More than 12 hours of playing time.

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Aksel Schiøtz, tenor
with various artists, orchestras and accompanists

This is the first ever complete collection of all the recordings done by the Danish tenor Aksel Schiøtz, from 1933 to 1946. His career as a tenor ended drastically in 1946 when he barely survived a tumor operation which saved his life, but altered his voice. Until his death in 1975 he was a baritone and a much sought after professor and his master classes in the USA gave advice and help to many young singers from around the world. His precious tenor reordings, all done in a very short period of time, contains a vast selection of Danish songs and the yardstick performances of Dichterliebe and Die schöne Müllerin. The Danacord Aksel Schiøtz Collections include not only these famous song cycles but also the arias and oratorio recordings which occupy a special place among collectors.

All transfers were done at the Abbey Road Studios in London by Andrew Walter and each booklet has full texts and translations. Not only the commerial recordings are included but also rare soundtracks from films.

Vol. 1: DACOCD 451 - Oratorio and Mozart arias 1940-45
Vol. 2: DACOCD 452 - Schubert "Die schöne Müllerin" and rare Grieg works.
Vol. 3: DACOCD 453 - Schumann "Dichterliebe" and songs by Brahms, Grieg and Bellman
Vol. 4: DACOCD 454 - Hidden treasure records, incl. unfinished "Müllerin" and Mozart test recording
Vol. 5: DACOCD 455 - Romances by C.E.F. Weyse and Scandinavian lute songs
Vol. 6: DACOCD 456 - Danish Golden Age incl. excerpts from Weyse film 1940
Vol. 7: DACOCD 457 - Songs of summer 1938-40 Danish recordings
Vol. 8: DACOCD 458 - Romances by Peter Heise and recordings with newly found Norwegian broadcasts
Vol. 9: DACOCD 459 - "Farinelli" and light orchestral songs, incl. rare popular music
Vol. 10: DACOCD 460 - The complete Carl Nielsen recordings


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