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Amarilli Nizza sings Puccini

CDS 595

Amarilli Nizza

Puccini Arias

Arias from operas by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)

Amarilli Nizza, soprano
Gianluca Martinenghi, conductor

Recorded 2007

Amarilli Nizza is a genuine discovery. Not only does she possess a beautiful voice with both subtlety and power, and excellent technique, she has a musicality and an understanding of her roles which is all too rare in the modern-day opera singer. The notes are beautiful (and correct), the texts are clear and meaningful, and the recording stands up well to repeated listening. Another thing that sets Amarilli Nizza apart from most of her contemporaries is that, as evidenced by the photos included in the CD booklet and cover, is that she is a stunning beauty - perhaps too beautiful to have such a voice! This is definitely an album to be enjoyed over and over again!

This CD features soprano Amarilli Nizza singing Puccini’s most memorable arias. The talented Milanese singer outlines Puccinian heroines with her typical passion and emotional engagement. The CD contains extracts from ” Le Villi”, ”Edgar”, ”Manon Lescaut” , ”La Bohème”, ”Tosca”, ”Madama Butterfly”, ”La Fanciulla del West”, ”La Rondine”, ”Turandot” and ”Il Trittico ”, which includes the three one-act operas ”Il Tabarro”, ”Suor Angelica” and ”Gianni Schicchi”.

In Puccini’s operas heroines, who are the pivot around which the action revolves, are shown as women of true and unbounded love. Of the twelve operas that Puccini wrote seven are named after their female protagonists: to understand Puccini is therefore to understand all the emotional shadings of his heroines which he portrays as characters full of erotic passion, sensuality, tenderness, pathos and despair. In the words of the street vendor in ”Il Tabarro” ”Chi ha vissuto per amore, per amore si morì” (those who lived for love died for love) one finds the ultimate destiny of these frail creatures.

Puccini once wrote that ”without melody, fresh and poignant, there can be no music”. The composer always maintained a high sense of the relationship between words and music and his greatest talent was that his arias arise naturally from the action and represent the culmination of a character’s lyrical expression.


Amarilli Nizza, able to control the whole expressive range of the difficult role with vocal richness, enthralling dramaticity, thus achieving total consensus.
IL PICCOLO by Claudio Gherbitz

Amarilli Nizza created a splendid Suor Angelica. The soprano from Milan can rely on a really remarkable instrument which easily moulds itself to suit the multiple requirements of the Puccinian score: the volume was good, the frasing and legato excellent, the rise to high notes was easy and the pianissimo that finishes the most famous air was unwavering and beautiful.
OPERACLICK by Paolo Bullo

Amarilli Nizza is amazing. She enchants the audience with an uncommon, temperamental performance. Her vocality, agile but authoritative, together with a full-bodied timbre, let her outline an anthological Butterfly.
IL GAZZETTINO by Gianni Bartalini

Track List:

01 Se come voi piccina (LE VILLI - Anna) 5.27
02 Addio mio dolce amor (EDGAR - Fidelia) 3.45
03 In quelle trine morbide (MANON LESCAUT - Manon) 2.23
04 L’ora o Tirsi (MANON LESCAUT - Manon) 1.37
05 Sola, perduta, abbandonata (MANON LESCAUT - Manon) 5.38
06 Sì, mi chiamano Mimì (LA BOHÈME - Mimì) 4.57
07 Quando m’en vo’ (LA BOHÈME - Musetta) 2.36
08 Donde lieta uscì (LA BOHÈME - Mimì) 3.29
09 Vissi d’arte (TOSCA - Tosca) 3.18
10 Un bel dì vedremo (MADAMA BUTTERFLY - Cio Cio San) 4.32
11 E’ tua madre (MADAMA BUTTERFLY - Cio Cio San) 3.26
12 Tu, tu piccolo Iddio (MADAMA BUTTERFLY- Cio Cio San) 4.20
13 Laggiù nel soledad (LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST - Minnie) 2.58
14 Chi il bel sogno di Doretta (LA RONDINE - Magda) 3.07
15 E’ ben altro il mio sogno (IL TABARRO - Giorgetta) 4.40
16 Senza mamma (SUOR ANGELICA - Angelica) 5.52
17 O mio babbino caro (GIANNI SCHICCHI - Lauretta) 2.24
18 Signore ascolta (TURANDOT - Liù) 2.41
19 In questa reggia (TURANDOT - Turandot) 5.58
20 Tu che di gel sei cinta (TURANDOT - Liù) 2.21

Running time: 76 minutes


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